Naomi Osaka | Voices of A Champion | Netflix

Published on Jul 20, 2021
Sisters Naomi and Mari Osaka dreamed of being champions. Narrated by Mari, this is a letter of deep sisterly love, giving us a glimpse of the many voices that shape us and inspire us.

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Naomi Osaka | Voices of A Champion | Netflix

This intimate series follows Naomi Osaka as she explores her cultural roots and navigates her multifaceted identity as a tennis champ and rising leader.


  • Why did Netflix break this into episodes? It didn’t seem longer than a regular 1:34:00 documentary.

  • Just another stupid Greta wannabe. Just play tennis and give back to the sport that gave you so much.......

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  • What an incredible series on an incredible young woman. Naomi Osaka is strong, smart, empathetic, intelligent, powerful, skilful and sentient in a very fine way. The way she grows from being a child star player swept up by the fame and rush, into finding her own person and footing - both in the game and personally- is just wonderful to watch. I loved how Noami brought in young Coco Gauff to her interview, how she took so well care of her with so much love. But also how honest she was when she lost to her. She is a very respectful human being, and I like that a lot about Naomi. I also loved how she moved her trophy to make space for Mari's painting. That was SO sweet and endearing. What a great relationship they have. Very blessed. I have the utmost respect for Naomi taking a stand on the BLM movement. Her Dad is so right; Naomi IS on the right side of history. Her answer to the interviewer's question at the end of her win when she wore the 7 masks was just brilliantly answered. I often thought Naomi looked sad during the first 2 epiosdes, but as she grows into her own person her eyes seem to light up more. We are yet to see more greatness from this already formidable young woman. 👏👏👏

    • @T S Tennis is the most useless and pathetic excuse for a sport that ever existed. Punching a little ball over a fishing net with a object that looks like a frying pan. Not like she is a scientist, a surgeon or anything useful in fact. She just runs for a little yellow ball and hopes to put it over a fishing net 😂 So yeah, her whole career is basically useless for the global population. A truck driver does a more important job then her.

    • @D. L. I'm sure you have achieved much more than she has in her young life, and that's why you're in a position to write the nonsense you wrote. Oh you haven't won 5 grand slams and 6 opens, taken a public stand on political issues and lost a lot of money and sponsorships due to that? Ok.

    • Also she isn't that good at tennis, lost again in the Olympics 😂😂😂

    • She is overrated... If she was white she would get 30% of the publicity

  • Spoiled tennis brat?


  • They have the exact same voice.

  • I'd watch it, but Osaka might not like the attention . .

  • She should date asian guy

  • Nice to see she's over her mental health issues. If only we could all recover so quickly. Guess we could with millions in our pockets!!!

  • There is something very special about Naomi. She protects herself from the harsh realities of being in the spotlight and regardless of what the backlash might be, she does it anyway. She's brave, courageous, triumphant in her awareness of mental illness and the need for self care. A true champ.

    • True Champs don't lose at the Olympics held in their country 😂 She is the most overrated player ever, if she was white, she wouldn't get 30% of the publicity

  • What champion... Her sister hasn't achieved anything

  • How to be a Victim champion.

  • Post match press conference, just answer questions that are tennis related and ignore any other questions! But u still have to answer questions after a tennis match

    • No she doesn't have to do s**, she doesn't want to do. She is a tenniswoman, she duely plays her games and if she wants to leave after that, let the woman go.

  • Sweet

  • A woman is brainwashed by her troublemaker boyfriend. A woman who broke her racket several times during a match. A woman who faked depression to avoid a press conference. A woman who forced a crying 15-year-old Cori Gauff back on to the court in pain after losing a match. A woman who called for participation in a BLM event in Osaka last year when the coronavirus had banned the gathering. A woman who spoke out against discrimination against people of African descent, but ignored the discrimination against Japanese people by Dembélé. That is why this tennis player is a typical American and the Japanese do not cheer her.

    • Tiny Angel, at the end of the day, do you think Naomi would give a SH_t about what you were trolling on for? At the end of the day, she is more than enough. so shut up!

  • champions dont back out just because they dont want to answer some questions.

  • So beautiful i didn't knew u were twins

  • Mayan Kelly’s wants your oxygen! Stop giving it to this troll !!!

  • Strange woman

  • Ahh now I understand why she pulled out of Wimbledon. It all makes sense.

  • When are we getting Pokémon journey part 5

  • So sweet - also loved that moment in the series when Naomi moved her trophy so she could put up Mari's painting

  • Sister love >>>>

  • Voice of a wimp who won’t interview with the media because she doesn’t get to choose the questions. Oooh my mental health is bothering me so baddd oooloh yeah can’t do that interview sorry!

  • For someone who hates the stress and attention of the media maybe making a documentary on yourself isn’t the best move?

    • @Niya Samel who am I always attacking!? I call out hypocrisy when I see it. And I’m black anyway you numbnut

    • @me4374 cause y’all always attacking someone and it’s giving me anti black.

    • @Miadaskate in this particular instance, yes.

    • @Ethan Dalton Hey Ethan, I don’t remember asking you. The only ones who find this racist are the ones who try and find racism in everything, even when there wasn’t any.

    • @Niya Samel when have I ever attacked a black woman? What’s being black got to do with anything I’ve said!??

  • So many racists are predictably mad

    • @HPV Pinoy Ikr 😂

    • @B Mike Lum So funny, the person couldn't even get it right which parent of Naomi's is Japanese :-))

    • she half japan and japan most racist about skin color

    • @J Briggs Just shut up you’re wasting everyone’s time here.

    • @J Briggs Well I'm half chinese so I don't think I have to worry about that. Talking to you is like dunking on a five year old lmao thanks for the laughs

  • Why, don't I see enough of this c*** on other Social media sites?

  • Let’s see if she can handle this mentality

  • Renew Julie and the phantoms

  • Watched it, loved it! More power to her ✊🏻😍😘

  • Please come back with the order I only met her now and I fell in love with the story I'm a big fan of your work

  • i never know she is half black, i tough she is just a japanese with a badly sunburn because outdoor tennis

    • @Storm Trooper demented soul that who u are 😠

    • @Storm Trooper i thought she was mike tyson

    • @Storm Trooper uhhhhh-

    • I thought she was a trans Male playing women’s tennis

    • I thought she was a black girl who grew up in Japan and started looking like Japanese people

  • Too bad she didn't learn that being a professional means sacrifice, you need to prepare for that as well... she didn't.

    • damn you got destroyed, time to delete your comment eh?

    • @PotatoMika exactly !!

    • @T BZ you’re not talking about Fauci you’re talking about tennis 💀 ignoring your mental health isn’t a requirement for professionalism. Being an Athlete is tasking on the mind and body, many people stop for hiatusband etc when they know they’re not 100% in it. Not to mention every person is different with different needs. I personally have clinical anxiety and also just naturally introverted. I may find constant social interaction back to back incredibly taxing, and I do also get sensory overloads and etc. 💀 Athletes are doing what they do to play sports… they never sign up excited for interviews and press. Literally her saying she did not want to speak to help herself is not unprofessional, because this would not stop her from her job as a TENNIS PLAYER. Not a professional interview taker. 🤨 Start thinking of athletes as human beings with lives and needs.

    • Leave her alone

    • @itDOESmatter yep Very much so... insightful comment. s/

  • Netflix so lame with that thumbnail🤡🤡being all ugly like the overrated company they is

  • To those people who think that Netflix is doing this for free or rather Naomi Osaka is being paid for taking part in this series. Tine to wake up. Her PR team is doing a great job. Wish Djokovic had a similar PR team.

    • @codedxxx being so called weak is fine. Most of us are. It's just the complete picture of it all. As if she wants the petals but wants to avoid the thorns. She wants fame and attention but also wants to avoid the negative aspect of it all that gathers all the eyes on her. But the irony is that there is negativity in the desire of craving fame. All the controversies itself has made her a media person.

    • @Vairagya She’s a weak-willed woman. I’m surprised she made it as an athlete.

    • ​@Vairagya People deal with shit differently, and some people are more affected by imposing press conferences than others. I'm a 100% sure she filmed all of this months before the whole Roland Garros controversy. If a player genuinely feels like press conferences are negatively impacting their mental health, they should be allowed to skip some. I'd much rather see them play at their best than watch them answer ridiculous questions intended to incite an emotional response.

    • @Supa He used to get booed despite of winning matches for many years. Always disrespected in media because of negative articles. Times are changing just recently that he is being respected after beating Nadal in Rolland Garros. I dont want to focus on just one player. It was an example that some players got worse. PR is a real thing. Many players spend a lot to polish their images in media. People make them their idols at times based on their image.

    • @Vairagya And what hate does Djokovic, a respected, legendary player face ?

  • I wish you all the best.

  • “And for those who fear Allah, he will make their path easy " (Holy Quran 65:4)

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